Amazon X CLMBR: Bringing Fitness into the 21st Century

CLMBR, the world’s first connected vertical climbing machine, announced it will include new Alexa functionality aimed at elevating connectivity between users and their CLMBRs. The experience will enable customers to communicate with the equipment using voice technology via a CLMBR Alexa Skill and through Alexa-enabled devices such as Echo Buds, creating a voice-forward experience. Users that own a Halo Band can view their live heart rate as an overlay on their CLMBR machine via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sharing to track fitness goals while climbing.  “We’re pioneers in the connected fitness industry, so I think it’s important to keep innovating and offer the most advanced workout to users by leveraging the cutting-edge technology that Amazon has to offer,” CLMBR CEO Avrum Elmakis explained. CLMBR was founded in late 2018 by Elmakis and Nat Carruthers. Vertical climbing is proven to be a low-impact, highly efficient workout – utilizing up to 86 percent of the body’s muscles with the potential of burning 600 calories in 30 minutes. The workout’s effectiveness compelled Elmakis and Carruthers to innovate the exercise and make it a valuable addition for in-home fitness setups.  CLMBR has drawn considerable interest since it was announced publicly in Spring 2020. The company counts Jay Z and Novak Djokovic among its investors and LeBron James, who is a user of the CLMBR machine.  CLMBR will initially have four functions on Alexa’s Skills on Dec. 8: Start, stop, pause, and Alexa, what can I say? CLMBR will continue to augment the Alexa skills experience over time, based on customer feedback. Users will also still be able to use Alexa for all the features they've come to expect like playing music, adding something to the grocery list, getting answers to questions, and more through their Echo Buds or other Alexa-enabled products. In addition, the Halo Band will be able to track fitness goals and heart rate while climbing. It is the start of a collaboration Elmakis believes will continue to grow. 

Q: What does a collaboration between CLMBR and Amazon mean to you?

Elmakis: A collaboration with CLMBR and Amazon means convenience -- both from consumers’ ability to purchase and involve themselves with the CLMBR environment. CLMBR has integrated with Amazon Halo Band, Alexa Skills, and Echo Buds as the preferred modality for engagement.   The power of the technology behind Alexa and Amazon, as a whole, is something that is an incredible opportunity for CLMBR.

Q: How exciting is it to be a pioneer as you mentioned?

Elmakis: It is incredibly exciting to be a pioneer, especially because Alexa is in many homes in the United States. To have that integration, I think, is just unbelievably exciting. You almost have your trusted AI along with you for the journey, right? So now, while you're working out and you forgot to add something to your Amazon shopping list, or you want to do something native to the CLMBR, like pause your workout, you can. That’s something that’s just so unique. It is so relevant for so many of us. To be able to do that and do it in a hands-free, connected way, I think offers us a lot of differentiation.

Q: From a big picture standpoint, what does this mean for connected fitness as a whole?

Elmakis: I think fitness is just becoming more and more connected. Whether that's with existing services like Alexa or new integrations that are uniquely CLMBR. Alexa speaks to the gravitation towards more and more connection. To a unified, holistic experience, regardless of if it’s in one person's experience, or in a much broader environment, which is what we're trying to do with CLMBR. Q: Speaking about integrations, this is the start of CLMBR’s relationship with Amazon. Is there scope for the two companies to work together in other areas?  Never say never, but I think our integration with Amazon has started in a very broad way and will continue in a very broad way. And as everyone knows, Amazon is a pioneer in a variety of services and categories, so I think you'll see our relationship evolve. I'm just thrilled about the collaboration, about the technology, and about the integration with a company I hold in very high regard. Before anything else, they're obsessed with their customer experience. And I think that speaks to the values of CLMBR. I think it's a natural alignment that just fits together.

By Alex Labidou

Denver, CO, USA



Denver, CO, USA