CLMBR classes: Types and benefits

CLMBR’s On Demand content library contains hundreds of engaging, instructor-led classes. World-class climbing trainers will help to keep you accountable and engaged, and statistics, badges, and metrics help to track progress over time. CLMBR’s On Demand content brings the feel, sound, and intensity of an in-studio climbing class to your living room. With a variety of class formats and the versatility of the machine, CLMBR is a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs. CLMBR offers rhythm climbs, and interval climbs as well as Bootcamp classes.

Rhythm-Based Classes

Music is an important part of the CLMBR experience. CLMBR’s rhythm-based classes are taught to the beat of the music, making it easier to get lost in the moment and challenging you to reach higher. Some rhythm-based classes focus on metrics, like tempo, reach, and total vertical feet climbed, while others turn the numbers off and focus on the feeling of your body and the beat of the music. Rhythm-based classes are great for people who want the beat to guide them through the workout.

Interval-Based Classes

Interval-based climbs are time and music-based classes with programmed periods of work and recovery. You may have a 30-second sprint followed by 15 seconds of recovery, allowing you to go all out and push your body in ways you may not in an endurance class. With interval classes, you'll improve your aerobic capacity, get a killer calorie burn, and increase speed and endurance.

Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamp classes add important variety to your workout routine. In these classes, you will be on and off the CLMBR, integrating floor work for strength training and climbing for cardiovascular health. Classes will include Climb + Core, Climb + Upper Body, Climb + Lower Body, and Climb + Full Body. Floor work can be done with bodyweight or equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, or Bala rings.

Class Times & Level of Difficulty

CLMBR’s On Demand classes offer a variety of class lengths and levels of difficulty. Classes range from a quick five-minute climb up to a 45-minute advanced climb and have beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. CLMBR has options for all fitness levels and schedules!

Denver, CO, USA



Denver, CO, USA