CLMBR Makes its Debut at CES 2022

CLMBR aims to kick off 2022 with a bang by holding an exhibit at CES 2022 – largely considered the world’s leading technology show.

CES 2022 is an annual show highlighting the trends that will shape the technology of tomorrow. CLMBR’s exhibit will be open to the public on Jan. 5.

“We couldn’t be happier to have an exhibit at CES,” CLMBR Founder and CEO Avrum Elmakis said. “It’s a proving point for many young brands that have technology-enabled products. We look to share CLMBR with the world and we are happy to be in attendance with so many household names.” 

CLMBR is the world’s first connected vertical climber and its ergonomic design improved a modality that previously went 30 years without a significant update. Studies show vertical climbing is proven to use up to 86 percent of the body muscles’ and has the potential to burn 650 calories in just 30 minutes. CES recently recognized CLMBR at its 2022 Innovation Awards, recognizing the machine’s state-of-the-art design as an Honoree. CLMBR now has the opportunity to showcase its cutting-edge machine among industry leaders in Las Vegas at CES 2022. This will be the company’s first appearance at the event.


“Being around all of these other brands just elevates CLMBR,” Elmakis said. “CES is a global stage and we’re happy to make our debut and show our incredible technology to the world.” 

CES annual show is widely considered to be the world’s most influential technology event. There are 2100 companies at the showcase and it is a unique opportunity for industry leagues to meet and share their philosophies and new products. Each year the convention expands to new categories as technology continues to evolve. Products ranging from fitness to NFT’s are represented at the event. CES’s key focuses will be intelligent automation and the evolution of the metaverse – two areas the company believes will shape 2022’s technology.

With CLMBR now being Amazon Alexa enabled, it fits right in line with CES focal points. CLMBR will be there to introduce its leading workout to visitors and demonstrate all of its features at its exhibit, including benchmarks, group challenges and exhilarating content. 

Courtney Ann Platt, Kenny Ferrer and Teressa Cee, three of CLMBR's world-class trainers, will be on hand to demo the machine and speak to the benefits of guided classes. Elmakis and CPO and co-founder Nat Carruthers will also be in attendance. Plus, CES visitors will have access to a special event-only price for CLMBR. 

It will be an exciting start to 2022 for the world’s most effective workout. 

“CES is where the greatest and newest technologies are being displayed. The perfect stage for CLMBR to showcase its patented design and technology,” Elmakis said.

Denver, CO, USA



Denver, CO, USA