Need a last-minute gift for the holidays? Don’t worry, CLMBR has you covered!

We have six gifts to help take a CLMBR experience to the next level. Without further ado, here are our picks:

CLMBR Connected (Retail: $2799): A must have!  If you don’t already have a CLMBR, join the movement and you’ll be reaching for greatness in no time. Be sure to capitalize on the holiday special as CLMBR is currently offering $400 off all bundles for its flagship machine, which includes Base, Plus, Peak and Summit. 

CLMBR Cardio Bundle ($95.99): This is a steal.

Mat. Towel. Resistance bands. Amazing Swig water bottle. For under $100?! This is the perfect bundle for new CLMBRs who are getting ready to strive for new heights.

Bala x CLMBR Power Ring ($85.00): Want to extend your workout off the CLMBR? Grab a Power Ring – a hybrid between the kettlebell and the dumbbell. The Power Ring is perfect for more than 75 unique movements. Press, hold, swing, and squat to increase strength, agility, endurance, and balance. 

CLMBR Foam Trucker Cap ($20) or Beanie ($15): Rep the CLMBR Community in style with these fresh lids.

CLMBR x Lasso Performance Compression Socks ($30): Enhance your workout and boost your recovery with these performance compression socks. Lasso and CLMBR recently announced their partnership and the compression socks are statistically proven to provide ankle support and reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

CLMBR x MOBOT 27oz Foam Roller Water Bottle ($49.99): Get hydrated and reduce stress. Sign us up! The Foam Roller Water Bottle provides a deep tissue massage with every swig. Drink three to four bottles a day and you’ve met your hydration needs for the day.

  If you need more than six recommendations, be sure to check out the CLMBR store here!

Denver, CO, USA



Denver, CO, USA