CLMBR x Hyperice: Taking the world's best workout to another level

Christa Dellebovi is constantly climbing. 

CLMBR's Director of Training and Education has been with the brand since its inception in July 2019, helping it develop its class structure and educate thousands on the benefits of vertical climbing. The constant nature of the position can take its toll physically. For example, Dellebovi teaches eight classes a week, shoots on-demand videos two weeks a month, and tours with CLMBR for various functions across the country. 

To manage the physical demands of her role, Dellebovi researched several recovery methods and eventually found the ideal solution in Hyperice. She quickly fell in love with the product, using the Hypervolt before and after climbs. She also has a Normatec at home for her downtime. So she was ecstatic to learn about CLMBR's new partnership with Hyperice. 

"The brand is very synergistic with what we do at CLMBR," Dellebovi said. "CLMBR is all about maximizing your workout in an efficient and effective way. Using the Hypervolt is going to help you get more from your workout...It's just aligned with what we're aiming for at CLMBR -- doing more in less time." 

CLMBR and Hyperice announced their partnership on Jan. 13, to give fitness enthusiasts a comprehensive and recovery routine. Hyperice has been a trendsetter for over a decade, with Kobe Bryant first championing the brand in 2007. Since then, the company's products are on every bench in the NBA and have also been adopted by stars ranging from Drake to Naomi Osaka. 

"Innovation is the foundation of CLMBR, and we continuously strive to bring the best to our climbers through our product and our partners. We are thrilled to be working with Hyperice as our official recovery partner and together we'll give fitness enthusiasts of all levels a comprehensive workout and recovery routine that will keep them at the top of their game," CLMBR CEO Avrum Elmakis said.

It is the ideal partner for CLMBR as the brand looks to take another step in 2022. 

"CLMBR’s mission is very similar to Hyperice - technology driven to help the world move and live better, including elite athletes," Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice, said. "CLMBR has set a new trend in the at-home fitness space that is here to stay with unlimited potential." 

Hyperice's presence will be immediately felt at CLMBR's flagship studio in Denver, CO. There will be Normatec recovery rooms at Studio CLMBR, allowing climbers to recover immediately after a grueling class. There will also be several Hypervolts on hand to help visitors prep for climbs or soothe after working out with CLMBR's world-class guides. Dellebovi believes it will be a game-changer for the world's best workout. 

"One of the things I love about our classes is they are short and you can do them frequently. But if you are sore, that makes things more challenging and kind of limits your results," Dellebovi explained. "Using the Hypervolt will help loosen muscle knots and target fatigue and stiffness, and that keeps you climbing." 

Dellebovi added, "My favorite thing is to just take a quick hit of the Hypervolt before working out. It just wakes up the muscles and you're ready to rock. It allows you to get more from your workout." 

Huether agreed with that assessment. 

"Hyperice has a full suite of products designed to help you unlock your best self, care for your muscles, warm up and recover right, and help keep you climbing with CLMBR day after day," the Hyperice CEO said. 

In addition to the supplemental Hyperice products available at Studio CLMBR, CLMBR will also host products from its new partner on its online retail shop. Also, members of the #CLMBRCommunity will VOD classes specifically tailored around the use of Hyperice products. 

Hyperice will also be introducing CLMBR to its community in innovative ways over the next few months, including potential app integrations. It is all building up for what should be an exciting year for both CLMBR and Hyperice. 

"[CLMBR] is a great workout that is one of the most effective cardio and strength exercises with no impact," Huether said. "[It is] a killer workout."

Denver, CO, USA



Denver, CO, USA