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Perfect for Cross-Training

Currently training in different formats? Perfect. Add CLMBR to your running, HIIT, yoga and lifting routines to make an even more balanced and well-rounded.


/ Set Your standard with personal benchmarks

There’s no better competition than one with yourself. Set sprint, endurance, and power benchmarks to track your progress over time. Use your data to better your focus and improvement.

Benchmark Metrics




Track your strength over time by measuring the average power output you can sustain for 30 seconds.




Track your endurance over time by measuring how quickly you can climb 500 feet.




Track your speed by measuring how high you can climb in 30 seconds.

Track Your Progress

Each of your benchmarks will have its own record for you to track your progress and see how your fitness improves and evolves over time.

Benchmark Notifications

Close your calendars - You will get notified to take your next benchmark based on your workout history and activity.


A fully immersive experience with an HD touch screen and surround sound to help you get lost in the moment.

World-Class Instructors

Come face-to-face with top fitness instructors, leading you through every part of your climb, pushing you to reach higher.

Seamless Connectivity + Tracking

Track your progress on and off the CLMBR with intuitive metrics and workout summaries.

On-Demand Classes + Content

Our diverse and comprehensive class and music catalog lets you choose the workout that is right for you.

Track Progress and Accept Challenges

CLMBR levels up with you. Move at your own pace or accept new challenges.


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Get the best of both worlds as you hop from the CLMBR to the floor for a full body burner


Your Tool to Reach the Next Level

Stay connected on all of your devices. CLMBR machines bring bluetooth connected devices together including your phone and fitness trackers. Join online courses with our world-class instructors and track your workouts.

Denver, CO, USA



Denver, CO, USA