A machine built to move with you. Maximized for every workout, for every body.


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Large Format Touchscreen

Sweat-proof, face-to-face action. All the feels you get from an in-person, group fitness experience from the comfort of your home.


Made to Motivate

CLMBR is a fully immersive experience. Impressive engineering creates an unobstructed view of the HD touchscreen monitor and features a high-definition surround sound to help you get lost in the moment.

World-class Instructors

Come face-to-face with top fitness instructors, leading you through every part of your climb, pushing you to reach higher.

Seamless Connectivity + Tracking

Over-the-air updates allows for seamless operation and the addition of new content. Intuitive real-time metric visualizations; including elevation power, tempo, and reach. Users' climb data is translated into email workout summaries, allowing athletes to track and share their progress.

On-Demand Classes + Content

Find your fit. Desired workout, style, music type and instructor preference. Group climbs. Weekly classes. Community challenges + feedback.

Your Tool to Reach the Next Level

Stay connected on all of your devices. CLMBR machines bring bluetooth connected devices together including your phone and fitness trackers. Join online courses with our world-class instructors and track your workouts.

  • Join a CLMBR team
  • Stay on track with friends and family
  • Compete in challenges and events
  • Track achievements
  • Manage memberships

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Small Footprint

The machine’s small footprint is key to designing for at-home or in your gym. Sleek designs for at-home fits in your décor. In gyms, the shape allows for easy storage or multiple machines in a smaller studio.







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Adjustable Handles

Ergonomic and incrementally adjustable handles deliver a custom fit. Handles can be adjusted at 1-inch increments and have three grip positions; over, under-hand and neutral.

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QR code

Scan the QR code with your phone to view the machine in AR

Engages over 86% of the body's muscles

Burn more calories in 30 minutes than cycling, running, and rowing

Low impact & high intensity

Built to Last

Cast and extruded aluminum allows for a strong, yet lightweight construction. CLMBR supports the natural athletic posture of the human body.

Quiet Operation

Kevlar® reinforced belts and high-quality ball bearings deliver smooth operation. Critical parts are readily accessible, allowing for easy preventative maintenance.

Save space with a small footprint.

Less than 3 square feet. Any ceiling over 8 feet. CLMBR fits in almost any space.

Roll away, stow away.

Premium caster wheels allow effortless glide away when not in-use or for those with modular spaces.

Set Up. Get Up.

Plug in.

Installation is as simple as plugging your CLMBR into the wall.

Tap start.

Open the companion app on your CLMBR.

Follow up.

Follow on-screen directions. Be up and running in minutes.

Plug in.

Installation is as simple as plugging your CLMBR into the wall.

QR code

Scan the QR code with your phone to view the machine in AR

  • Base Dimensions

    35" x 32"

  • Height

    88"; fits any ceiling over 8 feet

  • Weight

    149 lbs

  • Materials

    Cast + extruded aluminum

  • Power

    Wired connection

  • Compatibility

    Android + Apple

  • Handles

    Quick adjust

    1.5" increments with 3 grip positions: over, under + neutral

    Available extender handles for users over 6'5"

  • Pedals

    Oversized, textured; Straps optional

  • Step Length

    20 in (54 cm)

  • Reach Height

    20 in (54 cm)

  • Mobility

    Built-in heavy-duty caster wheels

  • Max User Weight

    350 lbs (158 kg)

  • Max User Height

    7 ft (2.1336 m)

  • Resistance

    Discrete magnetic resistance; 11 settings

  • Available Consoles

    Pure: 10.5" Touch Display

    Connected: 21.5" Touch Display

    Hinged for off-machine viewing

Find Your CLMB

CLMBR is amazing for group settings, classes and circuit training. Check our exclusive offers for multi-unit pricing and solutions for your business.

Denver, CO, USA


Denver, CO, USA