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Clmbr for your business

Commercial Fitness Reinvented

CLMBR 02 delivers staggering performance in an elegant package that was catered and tested for a commercial environment. Never before has a machine offered so much.


person standing up CLMBR machine

Innovative design & Technology

Nothing compares to CLMBR’s unique design and tech in the fitness industry. Providing this one-of-a-kind machine for customers will set your business apart!

Space saving design

Standing at 7-foot-4 & requiring less than 3 sq/ft CLMBR is designed to fit in all commercial spaces. Do more with your space with CLMBR.

Low impact. max output

Climbing is an efficient, low impact and full-body workout, allowing for life-long use without negative consequences. Save your time and your body with the best fitness machine on the market.

Which CLMBR is right for your business?



Provides streaming content to guide you through an on-demand workout.

Includes enterprise multi user commercial software solution.

Recommended For

blue check markHealth Clubs
blue check markPhysical Therapy
blue check markHospitality / Real Estate


CLMBR02 pure

Best for studio or group fitness classes and includes data delivery.

Equipt with a smaller simplified tablet to eliminate distractions and encourage group engagement.

Recommended For

blue check markCrossfit / HIIT
blue check markCollegiate Training
blue check markBoutique Fitness
blue check markProfessional Training

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