Returns & Warranty

  • Is there a warranty?

    Yes. We stand by our CLMBR Machines and guarantee them to be free from flaws in materials and workmanship. For Standard Commercial Products: Mechanical Parts- 1 year, Touch Screen- 1 year, Wear Parts (e.g. grips, water bottle holder)-60days, On-Site Labor: 1 year. For In-Home Products: Mechanical Parts- 1 year, Touch Screen- 1 year, Wear Parts, (e.g grips, water bottle holder) 60 days, On-site labor- 1 year. Extended warranties can be obtained, please contact us for more details.

  • What is your exchange policy?

    If you received your product and you aren’t satisfied, you may exchange it for a new one within 30 days, less shipping & handling fees.

  • Where does CLMBR ship? How much does shipping cost?

    CLMBR ships with White Glove Delivery to the Continental United States for about $250. For orders outside the USA, please contact and let us know you’re interested in joining the waitlist.
  • When does shipping begin?

    Our intended shipping time frame is Summer 2021. We do not foresee any additional delays due to COVID-19, but there may be delays to ensure that the machines are of highest utmost quality with a large volume of orders.

  • What is the Weight Limit, Height Ranges, and Recommended Ages?

    Almost anyone of any age can use CLMBR. Maximum user weight capacity is 350 lbs., and you must be over 5 feet tall and under 7 feet tall.

  • What are the machine dimensions and weight?

    35" x 32" for the base, and 88" in height, 180 lbs
  • Does CLMBR work without a Membership for Unlimited Classes?

    Without classes, CLMBR will have basic functionality – custom resistance settings & in-workout stats.

  • How much does a membership cost? Do I need to pay for more profiles?

    It’s optional to join at $39/mo (less than $1.50/day). We don’t currently limit profiles, so you can share across as many family members, roommates, coworkers as you like under the same membership.

  • Where is it made?

    CLMBR was designed in Denver, Colorado. We manufacture our products in partnership with a factory in Taiwan to ensure they meet our expectations. We’re confident in its consistency, high-quality work, and good working conditions. We then assemble CLMBR here in the USA.

Technology FAQs

  • Is CLMBR Bluetooth accessible?

  • Can I connect my FitBit or Apple watch to CLMBR?

  • Does CLMBR have a jack for wired headphones?

  • How loud are the built-in speakers?

  • If I purchase the battery-powered version of CLMBR Pure, how long will the machine stay powered?

  • Are the built-in speakers splash resistant?

  • Can I record my workout statistics?

  • Can I track my heart rate on CLMBR?

  • Can I play my own music on CLMBR?

  • Can I stream other content or watch television on the CLMBR screen?

  • What is the difference between CLMBR Connected and CLMBR Pure?

Machine FAQs

  • How much does CLMBR weigh?

  • What are the dimensions/footprint of CLMBR?

  • Can I easily move CLMBR?

  • Can I adjust CLMBR to my height?

  • 'How many resistance settings does the machine include?

  • How high are the CLMBR pedals from the ground?

  • Does CLMBR come with a built-in fan?

  • Does the machine have to be bolted into the floor?

  • What’s the max range of motion?

  • What is the max speed?

  • How big is the display screen for CLMBR Connected and CLMBR Pure?

  • Is CLMBR quiet?

CLMBR Membership FAQs

  • What kind of classes will the CLMBR on-demand library include?

  • What is included in the membership?

  • How much does a CLMBR Pure membership cost?

  • How much does a CLMBR Connected membership cost?

Misc. FAQ’s

  • Does CLMBR require special shoes?

Differentiation FAQ

  • How many calories does CLMBR burn per minute?

  • Is CLMBR more efficient than other cardio equipment?

  • Can beginners use CLMBR?

  • Is CLMBR low-impact?

  • Is CLMBR a full-body workout?

  • What is the dealer pricing?

  • Do you have exclusivity agreements?

Denver, CO, USA



Denver, CO, USA